A spiritual and self-discovery tour for a DIY camera.


For my thesis project at ITP,  I created Twinkle,

a hand-made, programmable camera built with a Raspberry Pi.

I sent him to one of my friends to start his very own vacation –

a journey to discover himself in this big world.


As he travels, he invites others to help him discover the duality of moments both transient and enduring.

Twinkle sends me photos of his journey while I’m stuck at work.

In this way, my camera becomes an extension of my vision once again.


For me, photography is more than a hobby or a career. My camera travels with me always, helping to get at the essence of others at particular moments in time. But I was so busy at work so I cannot travel anymore. My camera was restless. I thought:


What if my camera could go on a journey alone and experience the world in its own unique way?

What if instead of holding my camera, I can let it go and explore a new way of interaction?

What if my camera is no longer a cold machine, but an extension of myself?


With these questions in mind, I started the design process.

User Story



Twinkle has been mailed to one of my friends on 03/12/2014.  

Since then, I have received over 600 images from Twinkle.

The last image I received was on 06/16/2014.



At the end, I consider this project as a rite of passage

for my camera, as well as for myself.  

It is about missing, searching, finding, and a new

awareness of the world.

Twinkle & Strangers

ITP Thesis Presentation