Cloud Storia



Scholastic Inc. is the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books. It approached Catalyst Group to design the new user experience for the Cloud Storia pilot – an interactive eBook application for both teachers and students.

My Role

The design team partnered with the development team to support the Agile sprint process. I was fully engaged in the second sprint of this project, mainly responsible for the detailed UX and UI design.

UX Design

Visual Design

Motion Study

Desired Experience



  • Want a seamless integration of e-books into the classroom.
  • Want to find and organize books easily, so it’s not a big set-up process.
  • Want different levels of information.
  • Want students to be engaged with independent reading.
  • Overall, an intuitive experience, not necessarily fun, but powerful yet not intimidating.



  • Want to find books that interest and excite them.
  • Want to use the app without teacher intervention.
  • Want to get better at reading through this app.
  • Want to personalize through indication of ownership: e.g. avatar, customized colored background, etc…
  • Overall, the experience should be enjoyable, but it should still feel like school.

UX Design

Concept Brainstorming


Twelve moderated one-on-one interviews


Initial Concept Diagram


Detailed Wireframe


Visual Design

Moodboard Exploration