Plain or Fancy



“Plan or Fancy” is an in-gallery and web-based interactive application that encourages visitors of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts to explore, consider, and share their own sensibilities in decorative art.

As a complement to a section of the special exhibition from Museum’s Department of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts (ESDA), the application allowed the visitors to decide for themselves whether an art piece is plain or fancy and whether it suits their personal style.

Core Experience

 Visitors are exposed to 16 masterpieces in the gallery.

The in-gallery app presents visitors with an object from the exhibition

that is open to debate, accompanied by a statement for consideration.

Visitors are then asked for their personal opinion –

Is the object plain or fancy, their style or not, and why.

The feedbacks would be tweeted to a shared account.


During the development process, I have been engaged in modifying the information architecture for the app, conducting in-gallery user tests, and structuring the interactive experience to yield strong data collection (mainly working with twitter API).