Micro Drone 3.0


My Role

The founder of Extreme Fliers wants to find various ways to differentiate his flagship product – Micro Drone 3.0 from other small-sized drones on the market. As the lead interaction designer in the team, I worked closely with the founder to create the indiegogo campaign page, brainstorm the product ideas, define interaction flow and develop its first mobile app and e-commerce website.

UX Research

Interaction Design


UX Research


To better understand Micro Drone and what fans wanted from their drones, I went to countless shows.  

Seeing the users interaction with the product first-hand allowed me to learn more about the excitement a drone like this would create. Users were very willing to share their ideas to help us improve Micro Drone.


Micro Drone 3.0 App


I collaborated with both hardware and software engineers to release the first mobile app for Micro Drone 3.0. It was designed from the ground up, and used the Agile method to get the MVP ready in three months.

I started with sketching out the interaction flow, the wireframes of the entire app, visual design, usability tests, and then Meerkat integration experiment.

Detailed Wireframe


MeerKat Integration

LiveStream_CommentsView_HighFidelityMockup_dd copy

Micro Drone Website


The e-commerce site was built on Shopify platform. As the lead designer, I worked with 3D modelers, product designers and developers to make sure the website is responsive and fast, and the shopping experience is straight-forward and use- friendly.

Campaign Video

I produced the campaign video to highlight the best user cases of micro drone 3.0. So far, the campaign has raised over $2.5 million on Indiegogo. The micro drone brand has been internationally recognized, including media exposure from Techcrunch, Mashable, Stuff, PSFK, Yahoo News, Gizmag and etc.