JUNO & Co.


My Role

As the creative director and co-founder of Juno&Co, I am overseeing the whole creative process of developing company’s flagship products.

We have successfully launched two innovative beauty products: Juno Smart Mirror and Juno Microfiber Sponge. Both of them are sold internationally on crowdfunding platforms and on Juno website and app.

Design Process

In order to create beautifully designed, innovative and trendy beauty essentials at affordable prices, we designed our products in house and manufactured them in China. I oversaw the design process.

Brand Development

After the successful mirror campaign, we launched our e-commerce shopping site and Juno beauty App. To ensure all the products look consistent and beautiful, I managed to setup an in-house photo studio to shoot all the product pictures. A brand guideline has also been established around the same time.

Super Fan Engagement


Juno Smart Mirror became the NO1 beauty product on the kickstarter. As a result, we had many fans who are interested in helping us develop new products. We created a closed VIB group to encourage our super fans to give us first-hand feedback both online and offline. I chat with them on a daily basis to keep them engaged and gather new feature ideas.

Viral Video

Before the official launch for each product, I will lead the creative team to make a 30secs long commercial as the facebook ads. We will cut at least 10 versions of the commercial and test which version has the highest conversion rate. We managed to make each commercial gets over 1million views before the product launch.

So far, we got

1)    over 20M combined views through social channels

2)    over 5% conversion rate

3)    160,000 email signups.