HP Sprout

As part of the progression of the HP Sprout system, the HP team asked Ixonos to design a series of interactive demos to showcase the dual-screen, state-of-art technologies that Sprout contains.

I am the lead interaction designer of the demo branch, working with a team of UX researchers and developers to deliver –

 Five interactive demos (from concept to prototype)

Developer Website

Video Experiment

Concept Storyboarding

To better visualize the value that Sprout can add to ordinary life of people, I worked with the UX researchers to develop different personas and drew out their user journeys.

See examples of some sketches.

Air Hockey Demo

I designed five interactive demos using HTML5 and CSS3.

One of them called “Air Hockey”, allows users to play the virtual hockey game in Sprout’s dual-screen environment.


While designing the demo, I kept two principles in mind. The vertical screen is for consumption, which means it is used for looking up assets and experiencing content. The Mat screen is for interaction, and users touch the mat to interact with a natural environment at the right time.


See the user flow in the below animation:

Developer Website

I worked closely with developers to build the SDK website to encourage others to develop third-party apps for Sprout.

Here are the UX and UI designs for some key pages.

Video Experiment

To introduce Sprout to the maker community, I directed and produced two videos illustrating how people can use Sprout with a simple Dremel to create something meaningful.


They were shown at the 2015 CES by the HP’s marketing team and later introduced to Bosch USA.The video demo helped HP to establish the strong partnership with Bosch USA Dremel team.